Division director: Ing. Přemysl Hejduk
Contact: +420 225 282 703 (+420 605 295 404)  
Sales department:
Ing. Pavel Šilar (+420 225 282 722)
                         (+420 605 295 410)
Ing. Pavel Řežábek (+420 225 282 720)
                                (+420 225 282 734)
Daniela Vavříková (+420 225 282 729)


   The company MICRONIX consists of several divisions. The division of measurement equipment is one of them. In this field, Micronix is one of the leaders on the Czech and Slovak market. The assortment include the whole variety of measurement instruments - from classic (oscilloscopes, multimeters, clamp meters, LRC, counters, generators, laboratory resources, etc.) via special measuring devices (spectrum analyzers, millivoltmeters, analyzers, power meters, audio-video and television technology, equipment for car repair services, modular systems, values loggers, etc.). In addition, there are devices for revision technology and also instruments for environmental testing and measurement (temperature measuring, speed, lighting, sound level meters, anemometers, pH meters, etc.). Our company is the exclusive distributor of German manufacturer HAMEG (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, modular systems, etc.), as well as company Metex (multimeters, counters, generators) and Goodwill Instek (comprehensive range of measuring instruments) for the Czech Republic. Besides of this exclusivity, we have also distribution agreements with Fluke, Rigol, Metrel, Summit, Lutron, Mastech, Amprobe - Beha, Appa, Motech, NF, Greisinger etc. Of course, there is also distribution contract with Tektronix and Rohde&Schwarz company. Also all Czech manufacturers of measurement equipment (like Metra, ILLKO, ZPA, Comet, etc. ) have been gradually contacting us, and, we have become the leading seller of their products. Our company philosophy is based on sales of instruments and equipment, measuring equipment, including the provision of warranty service together with providing technical support in selecting appropriate measuring instruments according to customers´ needs and demands.


   Fax orders: +420 241 441 384